Home Insurance

We can help find a policy that fits your needs

Home Policy Coverage

At Stryke Team, we know that the right insurance policy makes a big difference.

Your roof doesn’t cover everything. At Stryke Team, we support our policies with experience to help you feel confident that your home is protected. Risk comes in many forms. From the house itself to your belongings to the people you invite in, the right kind of coverage can limit the things you have to worry about. 

Some ways we can help:

Protect What's Yours

Making a house a home is no easy feat. We can help provide coverage for the physical building, as well as your possessions.

Always Feel Protected

In case of a temporary relocation, we can help cover those extra expenses.

Personal Liability

You coverage provides personal liability as well as medical payments to others should they be injured on your property.

Water damage to a drop ceiling due to a fire. Time to file an insurance claim.

*Not all features will be available with all policies in all companies, call us for more details.